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A Strong Defense For A Better Future

If you have been accused of a crime, are under investigation or have already been charged and arrested, there is no time to waste. You have much to lose by waiting to see what happens and much to gain by getting prompt top-notch legal counsel. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can start building a strong case based on your constitutional right to a presumption of innocence.

Halleck Law Office, LLC, can be the reliable resource that you turn to after you have been charged with OVI (Ohio's term for DUI) or any criminal offense. Attorney Peter T. Halleck has been practicing law in Bowling Green for more than 40 years. He is well-acquainted with the criminal justice system and is ready to get your defense underway without delay.

What Are The Charges And How Did They Come About?

Many people make mistakes or find themselves trapped in circumstances that lead to criminal charges. Others are charged without evidence or justification at all. Explanations matter less than the outcome that you seek: a case dismissal, a reduction of charges, a probation agreement or an acquittal. To maximize your chances of positive results, work with a proven, respected defense lawyer after you have been accused of a criminal offense such as the following:

  • Drunk driving (operating a vehicle while intoxicated, known as OVI in Ohio)
  • A violent crime, such as assault, domestic violence, manslaughter or arson
  • A sex crime, such as sexual assault, solicitation of a minor or prostitution
  • A theft-related crime, such as shoplifting, robbery or a white collar crime
  • A drug offense, such as possession, manufacturing or distribution of controlled substances

Whatever criminal charges you face, turn to the Halleck Law Office to benefit from the firm's longstanding favorable reputation and track record.

Avoid The Stigma Of A Criminal Record If At All Possible

Your goals in a criminal defense case no doubt include staying out of jail and avoiding large fines. In addition, you should work to prevent consequences such as a misdemeanor or felony on your record, a loss of driving privileges, required listing on Ohio's sex offender registry or ineligibility for federal student loans. Harmful consequences such as these could limit your prospects for years. A positive outcome can help you move forward.

Request a free consultation with a defense attorney who continues the legacy established by his father's law practice. Contact the Halleck Law Office by phone at 419-353-8491 or by email.

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